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First baby

The midwives at Meadowsweet Midwifery are exceptional.  This was my second water birth at home, but my first time with Melissa and not only was she warm and provided high-quality care before and after birth, but she proved to be experienced and extremely competent during a difficult part of my labor.  My son was very tangled up in his extremely short cord and was having trouble during pushing. Melissa and her team knew exactly what to do, acted quickly, and were amazing under pressure.


My husband was a bit nervous when I said I wanted to change care 6 months into my pregnancy, but after we met and interviewed Melissa he was completely on board.


 We are so grateful for the wonderful care she and her team provided to our family and highly recommend her.  If we have another baby we will hire her again without question!  Our insurance even reimbursed us for part of her fees :)

Second baby

When we found out that we were going to have another baby we didn't hesitate to call Melissa again.  It was so reassuring and comfortable to have a second pregnancy and birth with her and this time I got to bring up my own baby, something I have always wanted.  


My previous birth was about 36 hours and this one was barely 3 hours!  Although it was extremely intense, it was my favorite birth.  We were so glad we were at home and so unbelievably blessed to be able to have Melissa and all the midwives at Meadowsweet Midwifery care for us through another birthing year.  


Melissa is not only one of the best at what she does, but it also one of the most compassionate, kind-hearted people I have met. I trust her completely and strongly recommend her for any parents interested in a safe and happy homebirth. 

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