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The midwives of Meadowsweet Midwifery are Primary Care Providers for healthy pregnant women who choose to give birth in their own home setting.


Please note that although we can bill most insurance companies as an out-of-network provider, we cannot bill Medicaid at this time. Payment plans are available.

Denver Home Birth Midwives
Prenatal Care
  • Discuss matters of importance, concern, or interest to you

  • Record your family and medical history

  • Evaluate nutritional needs and discuss any needs for dietary changes

  • Perform physical assessment

  • Monitor healthy weight increase

  • Assess blood pressure

  • Perform dipstick urinalysis

  • Assess fetal growth and activity

  • Determine fetal position by palpation

  • Listen to fetal heart tones

  • Perform blood tests, cultures, or other labs as needed

  • Ultrasound referrals

A series of childbirth classes and a disposable birth kit are included for our homebirth clients.


Prenatal visits occur once a month until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery.

  • Offer labor guidance and comfort measures

  • Monitor baby's well being with intermittent fetal heart tone readings

  • Monitor mother's well being

  • Assess the progress of labor (vaginal exams are used only when necessary)

  • "Catch" the baby and/or assist mother/partner to "catch" the baby

  • Chart the progress of labor and birth (copies may be made available for record)

  • Administer Pitocin and other relevant medications and oxygen as indicated.

  • Provide herbs, homeopathy, and/or essential oils if desired and indicated.

  • Facilitate safe water birth in one of our labor pools if desired and indicated.

  • Facilitate transport to a hospital if indicated for either baby or mom and stay with mom to doula/monitrice as desired by the clients.

Postpartum Care
  • Monitor the baby and mother during the immediate postpartum period

  • Perform comprehensive newborn exam and screening

  • Administer Oral Vitamin K and antibiotic eye ointment if desired by parents

  • Assist with breast feeding

  • Clean birth linens and prepare postpartum bed

  • Provide a 24 hours in-home assessment (and more if needed)

  • Instruct partner on how to monitor the vitals of mother and baby

  • Perform metabolic newborn screeing test (heel stick)

  • Home Visits as needed via 24/7 on call availability

  • Provide a 2 week, 4 week, and 6 weeks postpartum visits (last visit include a well woman and pap)

  • File birth certificate

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