Melissa was our midwife during the pregnancy and birth of our second son, Judah.  As I am pregnant again, I lament that she no longer lives near me!

After interviewing several midwives, I found Melissa and knew quickly that she was who I wanted on our team for our birth. The others I interviewed seemed to fall into one of two extremes: too go-with-the-flow, without exhibiting the ability to lead and educate me well OR too set in a certain approach to birth without demonstrating openness to the opinions and desires I have.  Melissa, however, proved to be trustworthy both to listen to me with sensitivity and to lead me with creativity. Life is dynamic, and I will never again go back and be pregnant and give birth to Judah nor ever again be the person I was during that season of life. Melissa met me there in the present, applying her knowledge of pregnancy and birth to me as an individual.  I did not feel she compromised her own intricate knowledge of pregnancy birth & newborn care or my unique desires. Since knowing her, she has also answered many of my general health questions from a natural perspective when I could find no one else who could.

Judah's birth in our home was an experience of joy and power, and Melissa supported me with strength and grace.  A friend and a guide throughout the 9 months, Melissa cared for me holistically and followed my body's lead as it grew and released Judah into the world the way God designed it to do.  She truly assisted what happens naturally with wisdom and supportive attention, not interfering or competing with the lead of my body and intuition.  One of my favorite memories of Judah's birth is laying on the living room floor during waves of pushing contractions and telling Melissa that I felt tense.  A few moments later she said, "Vanita, you are a strong woman; I want you to stand up, walk to the bathroom and try to use it one more time."  I thought, "You're crazy; the next thing coming out of me is a baby!" But the way she said it made me believe that following her instructions was the thing to do and, more amazingly, that I could do it!  I got up and walked into our master bathroom.  The change in position was exactly what Judah needed.

He crowned a few seconds later, and Melissa felt his little hand on his cheek - where it had probably been for weeks in my belly and where it had been when he was born.I am so glad Melissa Sexton was part of our family during the months we prepared for Judah to enter our lives. Melissa truly nurtured me which enabled me to better nurture my family."