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We can't begin to say enough great things about Melissa and Samantha @ Meadowsweet Midwifery. They are nothing less than amazing. My wife and I had always planned on having a home birth and when we first met Melissa we knew that we wanted her to be our midwife. The time and attention that they put into each client is so comforting knowing you have someone in your corner to answer ANY question you have throughout the entire process. Both Melissa and Samantha care deeply about each and every patient and it really shows. During the actual home birth, we had no doubts and they took care of everything, while we focused on bringing our little "Baby Bear" into the world. If you are looking for a quality midwife/midwife team to actually support you during prenatal, birth and postpartum, look no further, Meadowsweet Midwifery is it!

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