If you are considering working with a homebirth midwife in Denver, take the time to meet with the women of Meadowsweet Midwifery. When my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our first baby, we met with a number of local midwives, but when we met with Melissa, Geneva and Margie we knew our search had come to an end. We were immediately impressed by their knowledge and years of experience, as well as their warmth, kindness, and professionalism.  I also appreciated how different, yet complimentary, their personalities were. Together they seemed to have all the bases covered.  The relationship we established with the midwives during my pregnancy created a foundation of trust that was absolutely vital to me when the time came to deliver our baby. The relationship you build with your midwives is not only a perk of working with homebirth midwives, it is an essential part of the birth process. 


The day I gave birth, Melissa and Geneva were at the house and set up in no time. Giving birth was hands down the hardest thing I have ever done. That said I was never scared for my safety or the safety of my baby. I never thought I couldn’t do it or that the process was impossible. I owe that confidence to Melissa and Geneva for the calm and reassuring manner in which they handled the birth. I knew they were monitoring me and my baby the entire time, and I felt completely safe with them as my guides.  At the end of all of it, my husband and I got to meet our healthy baby boy, Woody. After Woody was born, Melissa had my husband provide Woody with skin-to-skin contact as she performed the newborn assessment, changed the sheets on the bed, and started laundry. Geneva helped me to get cleaned up and showered, and then tucked me back into bed with Woody. She then helped initiate breastfeeding, and Woody was latched on without issues in no time. Melissa and Geneva made us tea and dinner, made sure we had eaten, got the dishes done, and then left us to bond as a family. They were back 24 hours later to check on us, and then again with the additional follow-up home visits. Because homebirth midwives routinely provide postnatal visits at home, I did not have to get out of my pajamas or out of bed for over two weeks. For the first month of Woody’s life, I got to snuggle in bed and bond with my baby with virtually no interruptions. 


Several of my friends have had babies since Woody was born a year and a half ago. I now realize how unique and special our experience with Meadowsweet Midwifery was. I saw the same midwives at each appointment and I could text or call any of them at anytime throughout my pregnancy, I was not subjected to invasive exams during checkups, I was not confined to a bed during labor, and when my baby was born no one took him and tried to wash him or passed him around to family members when he should have been with me. No one told me my instincts were “wrong” as I learned how to care for Woody.  I see now how important your caregivers are not only during your pregnancy and then labor and delivery, but in the weeks that follow. The midwifery model of care which is based in large part on trusting the body to do what it is designed to do, applies just as much to the weeks that follow. I wish every mama could be treated as I was by my midwives. Melissa, Margie and Geneva were so encouraging. They made me believe in the bond that existed between me and my baby, and taught me to trust my instincts. We bonded easily, slept soundly, and nursed comfortably thanks to them. The only thing they ordered me to do was to eat well, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest. They never told me I did something the wrong way, and as a consequence I was never afraid to try a different position nursing, or sleep with Woody curled against my chest at night, or keep him tied on me in a moby wrap all day because Woody and I were both the calmest when we were in contact with each other.  My husband, Woody and I owe so much to Melissa, Geneva and Margie. They gave us the greatest of gifts, they gave us our family. We cannot ever thank them enough for the support and care they gave us during the biggest event in our lives.