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With our first child, we miscarried and went to our OBGYN and received standard care that was severely lacking in compassion and emotional support that we needed. With our second and third children we experienced a wonderful birth and another loss under the care of a birth center. We received excellent care, but there was still a level of relationship that was missing, so we decided to look into home birth for our 4th child. After researching many midwives in the Denver area, we met with ladies at Meadowsweet and they gave us the confidence to give home birth a try. Through our time with them, they gave our family the relationship we were looking for. Communication was clear and timely. They gave us flexibility with our sometimes unpredictable schedule. They met our concerns with listening ears, wisdom, and encouragement. They took the time to answer each question and made sure our needs were always met. We hope and pray God blesses us with another child and another homebirth with this team of midwives.

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