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I’ve had 3 home births with 3 different midwives and this last birth with Melissa and Sam was beyond amazing. They are incredibly skilled, nurturing, very thorough in care, and the “A team” you want bringing a babe into the world! It’s rare to find a provider that is so proficient across all the seasons of care. They offer amazing support during the pre-Natal visits- helping to keep you at your strongest and healthiest (mentally/physically) during pregnancy. Then, during the actual birth they were beyond supportive- I was so comfortable and cared for with each surge/contraction and really felt they were extremely present and holding me up as a journeyed to meet my babe during labor. And finally, in caring for our newborn and me postpartum they gave awesome and detail orientated care to make sure we were adjusting and healing well in the 4th trimester. Only caution is that your wonderful experience will make you want to keep having babies forever so you can work with this awesome team!

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