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Services and Financial Information

Prenatal Care
  • Discuss matters of importance, concern, or interest to you

  • Record your family and medical history

  • Evaluate nutritional needs and discuss any needs for dietary changes

  • Perform physical assessment

  • Monitor healthy weight increase

  • Assess blood pressure

  • Perform dipstick urinalysis

  • Assess fetal growth and activity

  • Determine fetal position by palpation

  • Listen to fetal heart tones

  • Perform blood tests, cultures, or other labs as needed

  • Ultrasound referrals

A series of childbirth classes and a disposable birth kit are included for our homebirth clients.


Prenatal visits occur once a month until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery.

  • Offer labor guidance and comfort measures

  • Monitor baby's well being with intermittent fetal heart tone readings

  • Monitor mother's well being

  • Assess the progress of labor (vaginal exams are used only when necessary)

  • "Catch" the baby and/or assist mother/partner to "catch" the baby

  • Chart the progress of labor and birth (copies may be made available for record)

  • Administer Pitocin and other relevant medications and oxygen as indicated.

  • Provide herbs, homeopathy, and/or essential oils if desired and indicated.

  • Facilitate safe water birth in one of our labor pools if desired and indicated.

  • Facilitate transport to a hospital if indicated for either baby or mom and stay with mom to doula/monitrice as desired by the clients.

Postpartum Care
  • Monitor the baby and mother during the immediate postpartum period

  • Perform comprehensive newborn exam and screening

  • Administer Oral Vitamin K and antibiotic eye ointment if desired by parents

  • Assist with breast feeding

  • Clean birth linens and prepare postpartum bed

  • Provide a 24 hours in-home assessment (and more if needed)

  • Instruct partner on how to monitor the vitals of mother and baby

  • Perform metabolic newborn screeing test (heel stick)

  • Home Visits as needed via 24/7 on call availability

  • Provide a 2 week, 4 week, and 6 weeks postpartum visits (last visit include a well woman and pap)

  • File birth certificate

  • ​All fees due by 34 weeks

  • Cash pay discount and repeat client discounts

  • HSA/FSA accepted

  • Flexible payment plans available

  • Financing offered through United Credit. To apply, please click here!

Our Fee Includes:

  • Prenatal, Intrapartum, and Postpartum Care

  • Homebirth, and support at hospital when appropriate

  • Lactation Support

Click here to inquire for more information!

**labs not included in fee​

**doula support, photography, and placenta encapsulation is not included but we are happy to provide recommendations!

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